Do It Together This Valentine’s Day With The Couple App

Do It Together This Valentine’s Day With The Couple App

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve been paying very close attention to some amazing things you can do as a couple. We found one of the coolest and cutest apps ever that’s sure to keep in touch with you sweetie honey love all the time. This app is exclusively for couples! Once you download it to your iPhone or Android phone, you’re prompted to send an invitation to your partner. After they accept your invitation, it’s just the two of you in a secluded app space where you can totally be yourself with each other. It’s like your own private chat room, without all the private messaging from annoying cyber strangers. With the Couple App, you both collaborate on doodles, play games, send reminders, Instant Message, send videos + photos, voice notes, and more.

Our favorite feature is the “Thumb Kiss”. Here’s how it works. You initiate the action and press your thumb against the screen of your phone. What your partner sees is your thumbprints on their screen and do the same. As both virtual thumbprints match up, the phone flutters with a soft vibration, aka a thumb kiss. Yes, we admit, it’s totally mushy, but we love it. Believe it or not you’ll feel a bit connected when this happens– now that’s what we call “computer love”.

Not only do we like it, this app has already gotten thousands of flying reviews. The Couple App is clean-looking, very user-friendly, and totally deserves a try. Check out their launch video in the link below and of course download the app.


Do More Together, With Couple the App // See the Video.



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