Best First Date Tips

Best First Date Tips

Going on a first date with someone is a going to set the tone and give your very first impression. This is the time to be your best self.  The most important thing to remember is to be genuine and have a good time. Here are some other tips for both men and women on a first date.

Dress to Impress
Women: Make sure you are jaw dropping gorgeous. This is the time to be the classic sexy. There is nothing wrong with appealing to your dates visual side– as we know men are very visual. Wear light natural looking make up with a flirty lip color, a dress, wear your hair down, a dab of your evening perfume.

Men: Make sure that you are looking sharp! Women love a clean cut, sophisticated looking man. You don’t have to wear a suit (unless of course you have one happen to hang quite well) but DO wear a nice jacket . Jackets go great with jeans and a crisp button down. Make sure your shoes are polished. And remember all you need is a few sprays of your favorite cologne. Oh, don’t forget to compliment her on something you like– her hair, the smell of her perfume, or her shoes.

Women: Hate to sound like your mother, but bring your manners and be polite. Just be a such a lady and embrace your femininity. Remember, “Please” and “Thank You” go a long way. If you’re going to be more than 10-15 minutes late, let your date know. Let the man handle to doors and the check with no fuss. Try not to swear too often, or at all and choose mints over gum after dinner. If you’re ordering an alcoholic beverage, stick to a 2 drink max. We suggest a glass of wine or a cosmopolitan cocktail.

Men: Being on time is super important. You’ll want to appear cool and settled as she arrives. It always a good idea to arrive early, and know where the ladies room is located in case she asks. If something is holding you up, make sure you give her a call and reassure her you are on your way. Opening doors, pulling out chairs, and helping her with her jacket will earn you major points for being a complete gentleman. Women like to see a man treat her a lady, so be prepared to be on your best behavior.

The Actual Date:
Women: For a first date, its best practice to meet him out versus letting him come to pick you up from your place. You want to be comfortable with a man before allowing him to come to your private residence, even if he’ll be waiting outside to pick you up. That’s a privilege he’ll need to earn.  Some time during the evening be sure to let your date know that you are having a good time (if you are). For a first date, I also recommend that a woman spends no more than 3 hours with her date. If he doesn’t want to see you go, GREAT! He’ll ask you out again.

Men: There is nothing worse than a man without a plan, it’s always best to plan ahead (A + B) for the evening. If that means making reservations, go ahead and do it! She’ll love that you made the effort to make the evening special. My first date recommendation is always dinner at a nice restaurant. If you need recommendations, ask a friend, your barber, or family member— not your date. If you really enjoy your time, tell your date that you want to see her again and have a day in mind. Seal the deal. Be sure to end the date with a gentleman’s kiss on her cheek, forehead, or hand. Don’t force a kiss on the first date, if she wants to kiss you— she will or you will know 100%. Any doubt means the timing is not right.

Women: Show a genuine interest in your date. Find out what kind of man he is, discover his core values, and ask about what moves him. This will be important to finding out if your are truly compatible for something long-term.  Don’t ask questions that make you look shallow, like what kind of car do you drive, or how much money do you make. If he wants to share those things with you, he will without question. Besides, most men can smell a gold digger from miles away. Men love a woman who can hold a conversation and keep his attention, make sure you’re up to date on the Economy, Sports, and Entertainment.

Men: Now is the time share some things about you that make you, you. Most women like to talk about themselves, so be sure you’re listening and hearing what she’s saying. Share things about yourself, be open, and find out what she’s really looking for in a man. When asking questions, don’t make it into an interview. This is not speed dating, so take your time and engage in a conversation by asking open ended questions. Not things like “Do you have pets?” which will either be a yes, or no. Find out if she can cook, if she wants children (how many), what her relationship with her parents are like, and her favorite dish or drink.

Conversations to avoid on first dates: Politics, Money, Bad Relationships, Religion, Sex Partners + Experiences, Bragging, or the time you got really drunk. Remember to keep first dat conversations light and happy. No one has a “perfect life” but a first date is no time to be a drag. Stay positive, polite, and polished.


Women:  Wait to hear something from your date, this is my number 1 recommendation to women for a first date. If you really liked him and want to see where things are (not recommended at all, but understandable), send a quick text thanking your date for a nice time in one text. This is how you’ll find out when he want to see you again. Don’t sweat it, be cool. If he’s not asking if it’s okay to call you sometime or asking you out on another date— move on, he’s not interested! If a man wants to see you again, he will ask and make an effort to see that through. Period, point blank.

Men: Follow-up after a great date is very important. If you liked her, call and tell her. Stay away from texting too much, an old fashioned call is the best follow-up method after the first date (unless you’re going to send her flowers as well). If there was something that made her more interesting than before, let he know what it was. Make your intentions about seeing her again realistic by proposing to see her again (have a date in mind) and be sure to call in between the next date to keep things relative and flowing. If you are interested in her, act fast. Taking too long may send the impression that you’re not very interested and she may not take you serious moving forward.

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