Our Speed Dating Kits

Our Speed Dating Kits


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We’re  so proud to say that we’ve had much success with helping others create amazing speed dating events with out Speed Dating Kits.

The kit comes with just about everything you need to get started with hosting and planning your own events. It all started when I was doing my own research back in 2005 on how to put together a singles speed dating event. I searched high and low for anything that would help me with my event, but I found NOTHING! Once I got my events started, learned everything I could, and began hosting successful events. I decided it was time to share my knowledge and help others with the areas where I once struggled. I knew there had to be other’s out there who wanted the information that I gathered. So, I decided to start creating speed dating kits for anyone looking to get a boost in the industry. Each kit includes a timer, a horn, table place cards, instructions, speed dating host script and so much more


We sold our first speed dating kit in June 2012, and it is still very exciting each and every time we get an order. Our goal is to have satisfied customers, hands down! We make it a point to add something special in each package and handle each one like it is our first order. We’ve sold over 3 dozen kits since 2012! Our goal as a company is to continue to listen to our customers and improve our products, service, and innovate as we grow! So far, our customers think we’ve done a great job.

We are appreciative of your support, your feedback, and we wish each of our customers success in their endeavors. No go ahead— let’s get speed dating!




  1. In your kit, does it go over any legalities, for you as the host, after a speed dating event if a applicant goes stalker,appears different after you have interviewed them?

  2. I am so interested in your speed dating kit and would like to start a cupids arrow business…any suggestions or information to send me?
    Thank you sincerely,

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