Single During the Holiday Season

Single During the Holiday Season

Being single is not all that bad, unless dating season is over or coming to an end and the Holiday Season has arrived. As we all know, the warmer months are great for being single and dating; there is plenty to see and do in the company of a love interest. However, the goal is to find someone to spend time with all year around, not just during the peak season of dating. In case you are wondering, dating season officially begins on Feb 15th, the day after Valentin’s Day and ends November 1st.


If you are starting a between the Holiday Season and Valentine’s Day it can be a bit complicated, especially when it comes to exchanging gifts, meeting family, or bringing in the new year with someone who is not reached that special place in your heart just yet.  A good rule of thumb is less is more when you’ve met someone new during any one of the holidays. A card with thoughtful words is a good start. If you feel compelled to do a bit more, or really like the person, dinner and a nice bottle of wine or champagne will do the trick.

However, if you are single during the holidays (one of the worst times to be single of the year because everyone is with their significant other, sharing love, gifts, and holiday spirit) remember timing is everything. So use the off dating season to reinvent your look, give back & volunteer, study a new language, hit the gym, work on your 5-year-plan, or discover new places in your city (who knows, you may meet someone there when dating season is back). But most of all take this time to be thankful for not being in a crappy relationship or with someone who just isn’t right for you. Your time is coming. Once the holiday season passes, you’ll be an even better catch because your focus and attention had been on improving yourself, your spirit, and your opportunity to meet that perfect someone. Cheers to that!


Happy Holidays & Happy Dating.


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