How I Created My Successful Speed Dating Business and What I’ve Learned Along The Way

How I Created My Successful Speed Dating Business and What I’ve Learned Along The Way

I just got off the phone with Kimberlyn, one of my excited customers who recently purchased a Match in Six Speed Dating Kit. I’m so glad we spoke, because I was able to get some amazing feedback that I’m sure

When I first learned about Speed Dating itself, I had no idea to host an event, much less what I needed to make sure everything ran smo
oth. I did 2 years of research, what I like to call: “speed dating business hunting” all over the internet and the city. Information in 2005 was scarce on the topic, and I was basically left on my own to create what I was looking for. will make each kit much better and even more useful for my customers and their guests.

As I hosted my very first stand alone events, I overlooked things like parking, printing costs, city permits, and experienced a lot of heartbreaking disappointments and loss of cold hard cash. I remember it like it was yesterday. I spend my last $100 on printing full-color flyers it took me 3 days to design. It was the day before the Independence Day Parade, so my strategy was to hang all my flyers and posters downtown on light posts, poles, and buildings to help get the word out for my event. It took me nearly 4 hours to finish. I remember the exhale I took as I stapled my last flyer on a tree nearby one of the popular downtown pubs. I was relieved and proud that I’d finished my job and really put everything I had into marketing this event. Later I attended the parade but to my surprise I didn’t see any of the many signs I’d posted. They were all removed. Later I got a call from the City, warning me that another violation would result in a fine.

I learned the hard way. There are so many stories and triumphs that I could share. Some are hilarious and some heart breaking.  However, through it all I did get something out of it and that’s what I’ll share with you. All of the good stuff.  Through my journey into learning about Speed Dating, how to host a speed dating events, and how to run a speed dating business, I took notes and documented strategies that worked (and those that did not). So when I get calls and email from all of the many people who have questions about owning a speed dating business, wanting to start something new, earn extra money, and bring people together I’m always just as excited as they are about! I show that excitement through sharing my knowledge.

With numerous kits sold and countless hours of event consulting, hosting, and planning, I’ve been able to be a part of something much bigger than myself, and that is a humbling feeling. I’ve had the privilege of sharing what I know, teaching lessons I’ve learned, and inspiring others to try something new. Lucky for anyone who gets the Match in Six Speed Dating Kit, they don’t have to go through years of trial and error and hard mistakes. I must have wasted over $5,000 on trying to host speed dating events before I used my system and kit to actually earn a profit and not waste money and time.




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