Match in Six Terms

Match in Six organizes speed networking events using round robin meeting techniques for entertainment purposes. Business Speed Networking events are covered by a separate contract. At any time this agreement may be changed or amended by Match in Six . This is a legal agreement (“Agreement”) between you and Match in Six relative to its singles networking events and to which you agree to be bound. If you do not agree to these terms, you may not use this website, attend our events, nor receive our mailings. To use this website or to attend one of our in person singles events, one must be a US resident at least 25 years old and have the legal capacity to sign or otherwise commit to a contract. You must also be legally single, available and agree to our terms and conditions. For purposes herein, we define legally single as one who is either single never married, widowed, divorced or legally separated.

You agree that the information which you provide Match in Six is true, complete and correct. You agree to obey all applicable laws and regulations while using Match in Six website and while attending Match in Six events.  You agree not to solicit, advertise, or market any product or service to any participant of Match in Six events at the event, anywhere on the venue premise (including parking areas) or via electronic communication. Participants may not send offensive or unwelcome email including chain letters and junk email to other Match in Six participants. You acknowledge that if you are an owner, employee, contractor or agent of a competing service or plan to be, you may not attend Match in Six events.

Match in Six does not screen participants nor verify background data including marital status.  You affirm that it is your sole responsibility to obtain and validate this information about other participants to your own satisfaction. We advise participants to approach meetings between themselves and other participants as cautiously and with the same reservation as they should when approaching any stranger. Match in Six bears no responsibility whatsoever for the outcome of any relationship which may or may not form between yourself and anyone whom you meet at Match in Six event.

Within two days following an event, we email all participants. We’ll provide those with “matches” with their first names, assigned numbers and (phone) contact information. By registering and participating in Match in Six event, you give us permission to forward your first name and email address and / or phone contact information to your “matches.”

A “match” occurs when both participants who meet at an event mark their scorecards affirmatively (“yes”), indicating that they wish to follow-up with one another.

Cancellations, Reschedules & Late Arrivals

Our dating events rely on equal numbers of men and women to pair for each round of dates. Out of consideration for their fellow daters,   participants must make every effort to attend and be on time. During the days immediately preceding Match in Six dating event, we email reminder notices.  As with any event ticket purchase, there are NO refunds of any kind. Credits will be granted on an individual basis and is up the sole discretion of Match in Six.

Cancellation – Once your registration is processed (paid), your admission ticket sale is final and ineligible for refunds or credits of any kind unless we must cancel an event. In that instance, your PayPal transaction will be credited by the manner (MC, Visa, debit or checking) and to the specific account by which you originally paid. If it is more than 60 days from when you paid, we will contact you regarding mailing you a check refund because PayPal rules do not allow credits after 60 days.

If you aren’t able to attend an event for which you have registered and paid, it is your responsibility to do the following: 1) let us know ASAP and 2) find yourself a replacement.  So as not to throw off our balance of matches, make sure that the friend whom you send in your place is of the same sex and within the event’s stated age group. Your replacement must still register and agree to our Terms & Conditions. If sending a replacement (sub), please provide us with the substitute’s name, age and email address so that we can contact them to process their registration. They will not be charged as the admission is already paid and they are simply going in your place. Much like a concert ticket that you pass along to a friend when you cannot attend a concert, any financial consideration regarding the admission remains between you and your substitute.

Should you inform us that you’re unable to find a replacement, if there is a wait list for the event, we will attempt to replace you from the list.  In the event that someone from the wait list takes your place, that will enable you to reschedule; that is, to apply your registration toward a future event.  However, if we are unsuccessful, you forfeit the registration. That is why it is in your best interest, to make your own arrangements with a friend to take your place.

In the event that you canceled and we had to replace you from a wait list, when you do reschedule (apply your registration to a future event), you must pay a one-time processing fee of seven dollars.

Please Note: Registrations may not be applied toward a Gift Certificate.

Late arrival – In the event that you arrive after the first round of dates has begun, the event manager has the right to refuse you entry. In this case, you will be given a one time opportunity to reschedule and must pay an seven dollar processing fee at the time you reschedule.

No Show – In the event that you do not show and do not call the venue to let us know that you are unable to attend, you forfeit the registration and in order to attend any future event will be charged full price (absolutely no credit given). Should you repeat that behavior, you will not be allowed to re-register (black listed).

Please appreciate that last minute cancellations and “no shows” are costly and impact others’ participation.  Even Late Arrivals are disruptive to the event and disrespectful (and disappointing) to other participants. Registration is always subject to our discretion.

Due to the matching nature of our events, if we do not have sufficient numbers of both sexes, we are forced to reschedule or cancel an event. By sufficient numbers we mean the minimum number of persons of each sex needed to complete the number of match rounds promoted. As regards minimums, we have no control over how many sign up for an event such that we know in advance whether are or are not able to meet our minimum.

If we must reschedule an event, you have the option of transferring your admission to either the rescheduled event or another of your choosing.  There is no expiration date to your registration. If the event to which you transfer has a higher admission charge, you may apply the value of your transferred admission towards the other. You will be charged the difference necessary to upgrade to the higher event. If the event to which you transfer has a lesser admission charge, the difference is forfeited and no refund or credit issued to you.

Registration Processing

We reserve the right to reject a registration to Match in Six event for any reason or if a registration has been effectuated, refund your registration fee in full and prevent you from participating in any Match in Six event.  You further agree not to “charge back” or otherwise dispute the registration or cancellation fee, regardless of whether or not you receive any “matches” from the event. If there is a dispute regarding payment or services provided, you agree to immediately contact Match in Six to resolve the dispute BEFORE escalating the dispute to your credit card company.  Note that canceling or rescheduling whether it is your choice or ours does not result in a refund or credit to you.  In some instances in order to benefit from reimbursement promotions, you must sign a receipt (in person) which acknowledges your receipt of said funds.

Once you register, you must pay immediately via our online processor PayPal. PayPal accepts major credit cards, debit cards with MasterCard and Visa branding and electronic checks (drawn upon your checking account). In the case of electronic checks, please plan ahead because it typically takes around 5 days for them to clear. Your confirmation is delayed until PayPal informs us that your payment cleared.


On occasion, members of the press and media may be present at our events and photograph and/or audio record them.  By attending and participating in Match in Six events you agree and understand that you may be photographed or recorded, that you permit the taking of such photo’s and that you will receive no compensation for this. Such photo’s and recordings may be used by Match in Six for any legal purpose including marketing and advertising of Match in Six events and products. Unless your specific permission is granted in writing, Match in Six will not personally identify you in our advertising or testimonials. The presence and use of personal cameras (including cell phones equipped with cameras) and recording devices is forbidden without the expressed prior written permission of Match in Six.


All personal information which you provide to Match in Six on your registration form is regarded as confidential. By registering and participating in Match in Six events, you give us permission to forward your first name (only) and email address and / or phone contact information to your “matches.” As all payment processing is handled by a secure third party, PayPal, inc., we have no access to your personal data beyond the aforementioned. Basic demographic data may be collected in the course of a visit to this website by online advertising entities with which we may run advertising campaigns.

 Copyright Policy

This website contains copyrighted work, trademarks, logos, and intellectual property of Match in Six, its business partners, and selected third parties. You may not use, reproduce, publish, modify or distribute in any manner any of this material without the written permission of its owner.


Match in Six is not responsible or liable for errors or omissions of any kind including any misinterpretation, error or omission of a participant’s scorecard results. By registering to attend an event, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Match in Six, its officers, directors, shareholders, consultants, event managers, agents, contractors, partners, affiliates, licensees and subsidiaries from any and all losses, claims, suits, damages direct or indirect and without limitation, in connection with your attendance and/or participation at any of our events as well as communications or meetings with other participants that you arrange on your own time.

Match in Six events take place at venues owned by third-parties over whom we have no control. You agree that we are not responsible for damages or injuries of any kind sustained by you or your property at these venues.