Perfect Night Out

Perfect Night Out

White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails is a new restaurant located in the heart of downtown’s thriving Central Business District.  Adding a slice of southern comfort into Atlanta’s restaurant scene, the southern chic restaurant caters to a professional crowd where people can mingle in a smooth, relaxed and modern atmosphere. Signature dishes and cocktails feature “Top Chef” ingredients crafted from fresh fruits, earthy herbs, and sexy garnishes.

I recently dined at White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails (WOKC) with friends.  We started off with salads. The Pressed Watermelon Salad had a very unique flavor.  It was topped with Corn Bread Panzanella and on top of the cold fresh lettuce were peeled Bouchard Farms Tomatoes, Cerignol Olive Vinaigrette, and New Herbs.  If you like mushrooms, you should try the Warm Mushroom Salad with grilled Radicchio, House made Beef Jerky, Semolina Streusel, topped with Tangy Pimento Buttermilk Dressing.

For appetizers my friends and I shared the Sugarcane Roasted Quail Breasts with house made Pancetta, bread and butter onions, griddled Brioche, Tallegio, and Agrodolce, which was something I had never tried, but It tasted amazing. The Quail Breasts were seared and seasoned to perfection, and very succulent. It’s a perfect dish for sharing and maybe feeding your date.  We also shared the Pimento Cheese, a creamy Sharp White Cheddar spread on a crispy wafer stacked between Fried Green Tomatoes and Crushed Plant. The City Strawberry Jam made this appetizer one of my favorites.

White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails knows a thing or two about frying a bird.  For dinner I recommend the Caramel Fried Chicken which has Pickled Vegetables, their perfect Pan Gravy, and a side of Fleur de Sel Potato Chips, which are made in house and are very delicious.

My favorite part of the night was the cocktails. WOKC makes cocktails crafted from their homemade syrups, garnishes and freshly squeezed juices.  If you enjoy Bourbon, I recommend their Old Fashioned.

White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails is the perfect spot for a date night or just a night out with your friends.  The southern chic ambiance, the great service and the complimentary valet parking, combined with their incredible menu, are all the ingredients needed for an unforgettable night in downtown Atlanta.

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White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails

270 Peachtree Street | Atlanta, GA | 30303 | twitter: @WhiteOakAtlanta



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